A Porsche or a Ventilator?

We've seen the government announce they want to borrow money from City hedge funds to prop up the NHS finances. In effect this means taxpayers will be funding a hedge fund dealers new Porsche rather than buying a neonatal ventilator. Tax payers will be fleeced and huge interest payments on this deal will go to the hedge fund meaning less funds are available to the NHS for direct patient care.

I've written an article in the BMJ on this and you can read it here...

Do leave a message on the BMJ website on how you feel about this. 



  1. I don't think having luxury cars is necessary than saving ones life, and I think lot of taxpayers would criticize them.

    1. There's really no need for government to involve a hedge fund. If government needs money the traditional way is to sell gilts. The long term interest rate is less than 2% or less than the rate of inflation?

      Why would Government want to pay out any more interest than was necessary?

      A PFI is nothing more than legalised corruption designed to line the pockets of hedge fund operators and other city loan sharks.


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