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The Real Reason Behind the Doctors Pension Dispute

We have seen doctors take industrial action for the first time in nearly 40 years. Unprecedented stuff and it shows that there must be real problems with relations between the coalition government and the medical profession.

We know that every profession in the NHS opposed the coalition Health Act but the government forced it through with the vital support of the Liberal Democrats.

This pension dispute though has a more sinister reason for it.

It is well known that the NHS will be moving towards a much more commercialised business style ethos - mostly thanks to the Health Act. Private companies know that the single biggest expense in a business is the staffing costs. Following on from that are the cost of pensions to the employers. The coalition have realised this and are now seeking to impose a pension deal on ALL NHS staff that increases their costs and reduces the employers costs.

The evidence is in the speech by the Rt Hon Danny Alexander when he states "The new pensions will be …