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It has taken a year in the making but I was so proud to see the book I had contributed to on a shelf at WHSmith the other day.

Last year a few of us sat down and realised we needed to set the record straight on the betrayal that the NHS was subjected to by the coalition's Health and Social Care Act. We knew we all had knowledge that had to be imparted so that those looking back in years to come knew who had not acted as they should have done in defending our NHS.

There are many culprits. They range from the media who for whatever reason decided to give very little coverage to the NHS sell off to the leaders of the medical profession who 'critically engaged' with the coalition and allowed the government to say 'doctors are on board with this and engaging with us'. That was a truly disastrous policy that has led to the situation now where the NHS is being parcelled up and sold off to the private sector. It may well be too late to turn the clock back.

The chapters I w…