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More developments

It has been a busy time recently with almost daily (and sometimes hourly) developments on the Health Bill.

I very much support doctor led improvements to the NHS (commissioning) but oppose the Health Bill given what it will bring about and how it will damage equitable care. The BMA GP Committee has now formalised its position in opposing the Bill.

We have seen Mr Lansley mobbed outside Number 10 Downing St by members of the public unhappy with his Health Bill. Almost every body of health professionals in the NHS are against the Bill now and it seems difficult to believe that the Bill will be foisted on the NHS with such opposition.

The Observer has reported how the Royal Colleges are exerting pressure on the coalition and there is even a mention for our sister website - callonyourcollege!

It is a worrying time as to what the impact of the Bill will be on GPs and their commissioning efforts. This excellent paper outlines some major concerns.

The Royal College of Physicians will now bal…

Keeping up the Pressure

There have been a number of developments this past week or so. The RCGP came out in full opposition to the Health Bill and caused a significant stir. Yes GPs are involved in commissioning but this does not mean they want the Health Bill in place and all that comes with it. The Royal College of Radiologists and Royal College of Physicians have called special meetings to allow their members to debate the Bill. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists now oppose the Bill as well.

I have set up a survey for doctors who are members of a Royal College to anonymously ask their College for a special meeting to allow them to have a view and let their College leadership know what their feelings are about this legislation.

This survey can be found here - - and please do pass on the link to your medical colleagues. The more names we can gather the better - and it is anonymous - names will not be published.

More and more people and organisations ar…