A new low?

A new low seems to have occurred with the government publishing a form that has to be filled out by women who have been raped.

The government recently pushed through changes to child support so that any family having a 3rd child cannot claim this support. This was hugely controversial and was voted through due to the Tories having a Parliamentary majority.

One aspect was around a woman who had been raped and thus had a 3rd child due to the rape. The government felt they needed to check women were not making the rape up so came up with this form for women to fill out.

What they have failed to grasp is that many rapes occur within a relationship yet they ask of the woman to declare if they are not living with 'the other parent'.

How will this make the woman feel? How many are likely to own up to this and fill the form out?

It is so heartless and despicable of this government to do this.

Even if you agree with the fact that a 3rd child is not deserving of any child benefit (many do not agree with this) it has come to something when your own government seeks information like this and a formal declaration of the rape and residential status of the alleged rapist.

Words fail me and I wondered how you feel about this?


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