NHS for Sale - Myths, Lies & Deception

In early 2015 a new book written by Dr Jacky Davis, John Lister and myself will be published.

It will be an expose of the ongoing sale of our English NHS and the privatisation of many contract and services. It will tell the truth about what has happened to our NHS since the coalition came to power - how they have acted in their own interests and been economical with the truth. You will not read this information in any political manifesto or think tank pamphlet. No politician will ever utter what is in the book and will use weasel words to deny it all. We have researched the evidence and presented it all together.

Here is a link to the publishers website - pre-orders can be made there with free P&P and a reduced cover price.

All profits will go to the campaigning group Keep Our NHS Public - the authors will take no income at all from the book.

We hope you will find it an interesting read - though it may raise your blood pressure!


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