The Complicity of Cameron and Clegg

They've done it again.

The Tories and LibDems have once more voted together to push through a law that dramatically affects our English NHS. The 'hospital closure clause' - Clause 119 of the Care Bill - has been voted through Parliament. The law was only passed because of the Parliamentary arithmetic of the LibDems voting with the Tories to bring about a majority against the opposition. Clause 119 allows any hospital that is near a struggling one to be closed with just 40 days consultation period - yes that's right just 40 days! Any talk by the LibDems of extricating important amendments from the Tories can be dismissed as hubris. They only say this to justify their voting habits.

It beggars belief that Liberals can vote for something that diminishes the power of a citizen to have their say. The same goes for the Gagging Bill the Liberals voted for recently which removes the right to free speech for many citizens who feel passionately about a subject. The dictionary definition of a Liberal is 'someone willing to accept opinions different from one's own'. Perhaps a name change is due soon for the Liberal Democrats...

There is also no electoral mandate for any of these laws being passed now. No party won the General Election in 2010 and the coalition agreement did not mention any of these changes to the English NHS. This means the government of the day are undemocratically changing the society we live in.

The NHS is much worse off again because of this coalition. The damage done to it since 2010 is immense and there is real concern much of it may not be reversible. We will have to hope it is. We must keep campaigning and keep highlighting all that is bad about current political ideology.

As Tony Benn said 'If we have enough money to kill people, then we have enough money to help people'. This coalition should take heed of these wise words.


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