Heroic Effort

The running is over, the feet are sore, the muscles are tight and the efforts of two people to highlight the dangers of the Health Bill to the NHS has been truly momentous. Bevans Run is over and it has done so much to highlight how the coalition Health Bill will privatise much of the NHS.
Here is a photo of them at their final destination - the Dept of Health on Whitehall. Dr Clive Peedell and Dr David Wilson. A large rally took place of around 300 people and listened to speakers talk about how the NHS is under threat by this Bill. I spoke and said that doctors do not support the Bill (BMA Council representing all UK doctors voted to oppose the Bill) and who do you trust - your doctor or your politician? Mr Cameron repeatedly says doctors support these changes - they do not!

We also went to Mr Cameron's constituency in Witney, Oxfordshire and delivered a dossier of concerns to his office and here is the photo of us outside the door - from the left Professor Ian Banks (President Mens Health Forum), myself, Dr Jacky Davis consultant radiologist and founder of Keep Our NHS Public, Dr Clive Peedell consultant oncologist and running hero and Dr Allyson Pollock public health doctor and amazing campaigner against privatisation of the NHS.
We will all continue to campaign against the Bill and show how it will lead to an NHS that will have enormous private sector involvement, with increased costs and bureaucracy and increased inequity when we should have an NHS that is there for everyone no matter what your background or income is.


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