Bevan was a Labour politician who oversaw the introduction of the NHS in 1948. On February 9th 1948 Bevan told Parliament “take pride in the fact that, despite our financial and economic anxieties, we are still able to do the most civilised thing in the world: put the welfare of the sick in front of every other consideration”. This still rings true today. Perhaps even more so when the fabric of the NHS is under threat by the coalition Health Bill we see before us now.
To highlight the major concerns doctors and patients have over these changes a colleague of mine from BMA UK Council, Dr Clive Peedell, is running from the Bevan statue in Cardiff to the Department of Health in Whitehall, London - a distance of 160 miles in 6 days - in January 2012. 
On Friday 13th January the run will pass through Witney in Oxfordshire - David Cameron's constituency. I will be speaking at 11am along with Dr Peedell and Dr Ian Banks, President of the European Mens Health Forum. We will highlight the major concerns doctors have over where the NHS is heading under the Health Bill. We will then deliver a postcard to the Prime Ministers constituency office which details all the concerns we have - click here for the full details of this.
You can find more details of the run and information on the Bill itself here 


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