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Panorama and the NHS - the perfect missed opportunity

Last night’s Panorama on the problems facing the NHS was public service broadcasting at its most disappointing. The programme - ‘NHS – The Perfect Storm’ had been due to air in early June but was postponed at the last minute by the BBC, prompting speculation that the politicians needed a look at the final edit before it was aired. When it did surface last night, the programme undoubtedly packed an emotional punch. How could we not be moved by patients’ touching stories and the dedication of our NHS staff? But – lacking any real insight into what’s really going on in the NHS - the overall effect was sensationalist, with the narrator's fatuous comments adding nothing. There was just one brief mention of the situation I see many of my patients struggling with - left ‘stuck’ in hospital or struggling on at home in worsening health, hit by 40% cuts to the home support they used to receive from care assistants and social workers. The programme's talk of 'care in the community&#…