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NHS number 1?

This is just fantastic. Please click the link at the end of my message to listen to this fantastic musical tribute to the NHS. 
It has its foundations in the (successful) fight to save Lewisham Hospital in London. Details can be found here - . Jeremy Hunt and his pals are so angry about losing in the High Court that they are now trying to change the law to stop any future 'Lewisham protests' being successful. The affront to democracy is just astonishing – if you feel angry enough then sign this -
We have the amazing Dr Louise Irvine to thank for her leadership on this and many of her GP and consultant colleagues (plus thousands of local people) campaigned so hard and eventually won against all the odds.
It really is just amazing what they have done in Lewisham and I hope this song does make it as a Xmas Number 1 as they hope to achieve.
Watch the video and loo…