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Taking Responsibility...

In recent months we have seen politicians take no responsibility for their own actions. Political point scoring seems more important than patients in Whitehall.

This has been played out in a very high profile way in the media. We have had the ludicrous situation of a Secretary of State blaming hospitals for 'coasting' because they focussed on targets - targets imposed by that very same Secretary of State; what a shocking set of double standards.

Nurses have been blamed for scandals that were due to senior management and political indifference. Managers in difficult spots get moved on and promoted with higher salaries - something all NHS staff know occurs in the mad management world of the NHS.

The latest group of professionals to be blamed are GPs whom Jeremy Hunt seems to want to criticise in his every waking hour. Hardly ever do we hear of the fantastic stories of the superb NHS care occurring in all parts of country in circumstances of financial penury and extreme managerial…