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The NHS budget IS being cut!

We hear all the time that the NHS budget will increase year on year. A political promise that holds a lot of sway. It reassures patients that their healthcare is safe and secure and won't be cut or rationed.

The NHS budget promise was made in the coalition agreement by Messrs Cameron and Clegg in 2010 - see page 24 here - the first bullet point under 'section 22 - NHS'.

I have discovered though that this promise is not entirely truthful. HM Treasury issue detailed figures on expenditure by each Governmental Department and figures I have discovered show that in 2010-2011 the NHS budget FELL.

The actual NHS budgetary figures can be found on tab 1.9 of this spreadsheet which is downloaded from the official HM Treasury website - a shorter version is copied and pasted here...

It is quite clear that NHS spending has risen enormously in recent years but the promises made by the coalition that the budget is safe in their hands is not true. Yes the country has an enormous deficit …